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Based in Bristol, Solution MHE is proud to be a partner of Jungeinrich offering new forklift trucks and warehouse machines.

From hand pallet trucks, to 5000kg capacity electric trucks, the Jungheinrich range covers the majority of materials handling requirements. The strong design and manufacturing heritage, coupled with excellent local service, ensures that our customers get a tailored material handling solution that helps to make their business more profitable, basically we think the best truck in the world, with the best local service.

Solution’s expertise doesn’t stop at counterbalance and reach trucks. We have become one of the industry leaders geographically in offering a one stop shop supply of materials handling equipment, including the supply and maintenance of Bendi, Aislemaster, and Flexi articulated trucks, along with the superbly versatile Combilift range of multi-directional forklifts. In addition to our extensive Jungheinrich range of new forklift trucks for sale, we also offer high-quality used forklifts.

A complete range to cover your every need in new forklifts

What do I need to consider?

For those who are looking to buy new forklift trucks, it might be useful to understand some of the features found in the different series within the range.

Our Jungheinrich products range from small Hand Pallet trucks to the heavy duty, 5 series. These can handle weights of between 3500 and 5000 kilos and are powered by an 80v lead acid, or lithium ion batteries.

Higher specification and increased load

A stage up from hand pallet forklifts is the EJE & ERE powered pallet trucks. Productivity is increased by avoiding the need for pushing and pulling. The compact size helps to make the machines more manoeuvrable in tight spaces. Other machines can handle higher capacities. The ESE, sit down machine has a capacity of 2000 to 3300 kilos. This model can travel around the warehouse at speeds of up to 10 kilometres per hour.

Because there are so many different kinds of new forklift trucks for sale, and because we understand the forklift industry so thoroughly, we like to offer a special site survey that we conduct at your premises to explore your specific needs and advise how best to meet them. Just call us on 0117 938 2012 and ask to speak to one of our experts.

Electric forklifts

Jungheinrich electric counterbalances

For when efficiency, reliability, agility and power are paramount

With our agile electric forklift trucks, you can maximise your throughput in narrow-aisle warehouses. With 3-phase AC motors, Jungheinrich’ s electric forklifts combine impressive performance with minimal energy consumption. In addition, you also have the choice between our cutting edge Li-ion technology and tried-and-tested lead-acid batteries.

Our electric forklift trucks shine in warehouses that have limited room to manoeuvre. Thanks to their small and compact design, they easily navigate the narrowest of aisles. Our forklifts are ideally suited to level indoor floors, but can also handle a wide variety of outdoor applications, giving you added flexibility when you need it. As a further benefit, the masts of our electric forklift trucks are perfect for both racking and stacking, reaching lift heights ranging from 2.3 to 7.5 meters with a lift capacity of up to five tons. In daily use, your drivers will enjoy numerous benefits offered by our electric forklifts, including enhanced seat comfort, a perfect all-round view and comprehensive safety assistance systems to protect the operator, the load and your warehouse.

Electric forklift trucks with 3-phase ac technology

Our innovative 3-phase AC technology delivers a number of advantages. It ensures dynamic handling and maximum performance, even under heavy loads. Increased performance does not necessarily mean greater energy consumption either: Thanks to regenerative braking, 30 percent of the energy is recovered and fed back into the battery. This welcome energy boost allows our electric forklift trucks to complete even more work on a single charge. Another major benefit of the 3-phase AC motors in our forklifts is that they require very little maintenance, reducing potential down time and lowering your operating costs.

Batteries for electric forklift trucks

Choosing the right battery for your electric forklift truck depends on your unique requirements. Our pioneering lithium-ion technology offers rapid charging times and requires virtually zero maintenance. Moreover, Jungheinrich’ s lithium-ion batteries last up to three times longer than conventional batteries. If you already operate one of our electric forklift trucks, it can be easily upgraded to benefit from lithium-ion power.

Our tried-and-tested lead-acid batteries on the other hand, are all about stamina. With these batteries, you benefit from our 2Shifts1Charge guarantee, which is unrivalled in the logistics sector: Our electric counterbalance trucks can complete two consecutive shifts without the need for battery replacement or top-up charging. This saves you time, energy and reduces running costs.

Diesel forklifts

Diesel forklifts/LPG forklifts

Our LPG and diesel forklift trucks offer the perfect combination of power and capacity. They can carry loads ranging from 1.6 to 9 tons while ensuring rapid turnaround and the utmost efficiency in your warehouse and production.

Ideal for outdoor use: lpg and diesel forklift trucks
Are you primarily looking for powerful forklift trucks for use in outside areas? Then we recommend our trucks with combustion engines – in diesel or LPG form – which offer reliable performance even in wet environments and on uneven surfaces. And if you require more power for indoor applications, a combustion truck is still an excellent choice.

Depending on the model, our powerhouses can handle loads weighing up to 9 tons. You also have the option of equipping your truck with a comfortable driver’s module that can be rotated by 180 degrees. This makes light work of narrow aisles and reverse travel. Handling is also very straightforward, no matter which version you opt for: Diesel forklift trucks can be refuelled in a matter of minutes, while the gas bottle on the LPG trucks can be replaced in an instant.

Powerful engines for greater performance with lower consumption
The powerplants in our LPG and diesel trucks are not only durable, but have proven their worth in numerous applications. These are powerful engines that have been well tested in large-scale series production in the automotive industry. They deliver high torque at low speeds, making them ideal for daily use in your warehouse or production facilities. The combination of this modern engine technology and Jungheinrich’ s own system software makes these trucks highly energy-efficient. They are characterised by outstanding fuel consumption and extremely low emission values. The minimal noise levels serve as a further advantage. Both the diesel forklift trucks (DFG) and their LPG counterparts (TFG) are extremely quiet.

Reap the benefits of our new generation of diesel and LPG forklift trucks equipped with hydrostatic drives, such as the DFG/TFG 425s/430s/435s. Since this technology requires fewer mechanical components, the trucks require minimal maintenance. At the same time, the robust and versatile trucks with torque converters deliver very high throughput performance: Compared to competitor trucks, they offer the highest throughput combined with the lowest consumption.

Hand pallet truck

The hand pallet truck is used to transport, lift and stack pallets. This type of forklift has a tapered fork that slips under the load to easily lift the pallets. The ‘hand’ part comes from when the handle is hand powered to lift or lower the fork and its load.

Businesses choose to buy hand pallet trucks when their work is based within a stockroom or warehouse setting. Hand pallet trucks come in various sizes and are made to carry out specific tasks, such as lifting high loads, navigating rough terrain, and those that can manage extra side pallet loads.

Reach trucks

Reach trucks – agile and powerful

For over sixty years, our reach trucks have been delivering reliable service and performance in warehouses across the globe. Particularly in confined conditions, our electric reach trucks set new benchmarks thanks to their compact construction and outstanding lifting capacity.

The reach truck principle
Reach trucks offer two major advantages: The first is their compact construction, while the second is the amazing lift height of up to 13,000 millimetres. When picking up loads, the reach truck moves its mast forward until the forks are positioned in front of the truck. This is known as “forward reach”. The goods are then “pulled back” between the front and rear axles for subsequent transport. This operating principle reduces the overall length of the truck, making it extremely agile. It also improves driving stability and minimises the need for compensation via counterweights. This allows our electric reach trucks to transport loads weighing up to 2.5 tons quickly and safely to their destination.

Electric reach trucks: narrow-aisle specialists
The narrower the aisles, the more racks you can fit into the same surface area. For this reason, many businesses opt for a modern narrow-aisle warehouse as part of their logistics solution. It is in such environments that our electric reach trucks demonstrate their full capability. Thanks to the reach mast and resulting compactness, they can easily navigate the narrowest of aisles. At the same time, reach trucks offer very high acceleration as well as impressive lift and reach speeds, which in turn ensures excellent throughput performance. We also cater for the individual requirements and storage systems of your business with a number of options packages ranging from “Efficiency” to “Drive & Lift Plus”. These enable rapid pallet turnover – even at great lift heights – and allow you to cover long distances at high speed.

Reach trucks for indoor and outdoor use
As well as a number of different lift heights and capacity classes, our reach truck range also includes models for varying ground conditions. If you use your trucks both indoors and outdoors for example, you will benefit from the optional super-elastic tyres. This ensures maximum travel safety on any terrain – be it smooth concrete floors or bumpy asphalt. You can also choose to fit the electric reach trucks with cabins for outdoor usage.

Lower your costs with reach trucks
With our electric reach trucks, you will enjoy a number of technical and ergonomic benefits. This includes our innovative technology for energy recovery during braking, which greatly reduces overall energy consumption. You can thus reduce your operating costs by up to twenty percent in the long term. Numerous operating and control functions are also available for enhanced efficiency and safety: These range from different travel programs to PIN access control and rack height select.

Order pickers

Low level order pickers

Durable, reliable and versatile
High-quality processing, robust design and the best performance values: These are the secrets that have transformed Jungheinrich into the market leader in this segment, thanks to significant sales figures and high customer satisfaction.

Our ECE Series 1, 2 and 3 low level order pickers are the ‘workhorses’ of the warehouse up to the second racking level. The transition to the medium/high level order pickers is represented by our EKS Series 1 with a picking height of up to 4.60 m.

Your ergonomic path to more picks per hour
Despite their compact dimensions, our ECEs boast a spacious operator seat and numerous practical storage areas on the front panel and backrest. With their 2.4 m long forks, these low level order pickers are able to pick up as many as three pallets weighing up to 2.5 t. Their 8-mm steel frame and a high-quality stainless steel skirt on the front cover provide the required safety. Adapt the low level order picker of your choice to meet your individual operational requirements! We can guarantee this with a number of additional options.

Battery concepts for multi-shift operation
Our different battery concepts up to 620 Ah allow us to ensure that our trucks are also ideal for cost-effective multi-shift operation. Our lithium-ion batteries (240 Ah or 360 Ah) now also give you the option of short-term fast charging and boost charging. The significantly improved efficiency also ensures your order pickers have a longer service life.

Medium and high level order pickers

Efficient order picking at height
Lift your productivity to a new level! Our electric order pickers enable you to sustainably increase your picking rates. In order for the operator/machine interface to function optimally, we also rely on greater driving safety and higher efficiency with our medium/high level order pickers.

Maximum picking performance in high-bay warehouses
Your individual situation and your sites need tailored solutions. Choose from a number of practical adaptations which provide you with the perfect options! Our medium/high level order pickers provide the greatest picking performance in the high-bay warehouse.

They set standards with respect to flexibility, economy and ergonomics. The Jungheinrich modular system offers a multitude of customisation options for the future. The integrated warehouse navigation system (optional) enables the control computers on the trucks to communicate directly with the warehouse management system. The cab provides operators with a generously sized workstation with excellent visibility.

Very Narrow Aisle Truck

Efficient space utilisation with high rack vna trucks
With our high rack stackers, you can stack pallets or pick individual articles with consummate ease. They impress with their throughput performance and space utilisation – both significant advantages in the face of growing costs and product variety in the world of logistics.

Our vna trucks (high rack stackers): impressive performance and maximum safety
If you value powerful performance, you will definitely be impressed by our electric high rack stackers: Thanks to energy recovery and effective energy management, you can easily use the stackers for two shifts under normal operation without having to change the battery. In addition, the well-arranged cab provides your employees with a generous workspace. Large storage facilities and a clear view make for light work, as does the height- and tilt-adjustable control panel. The safety of your employees is also assured by our high rack stackers: All models feature an integrated personal protection system to satisfy the highest safety standards.

Narrow-aisle trucks shine in tight spaces
Are you looking for a high rack stacker designed specifically for use in the medium and upper high rack sector? Then our narrow-aisle trucks are the perfect solution. They set new benchmarks with regard to flexibility, ergonomics and cost-effectiveness and ensure maximum throughput performance in narrow aisles. Thanks to their mechanical and inductive wire guidance, the narrow-aisle trucks operate very closely to the racks, which enables high travel and lift speeds while also reducing the strain on the operator. Depending on the circumstances and requirements of your warehouse, you can also enhance your high rack stackers with additional performance modules for the utmost flexibility. With over five million configuration options, our modular system not only ensures flexibility, but also optimum adaptation to your individual storage systems.

High rack stackers with innovative warehouse navigation
Thanks to the integrated RFID transponder technology, our high rack stackers inform you that “You have reached your destination” after every journey. This sophisticated warehouse navigation directs your trucks to the pallet locations with perfect precision. The warehouse management transmits all transport and picking orders directly to the truck terminal via radio data. The high rack stacker then identifies the next target location based on the X, Y and Z coordinates, allowing you to approach the relevant rack semi-automatically. The travel and lift directions are indicated on the display and the truck automatically approaches the right position with millimetre precision when the functions are confirmed.

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