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It’s a tough life in business nowadays, with many medium sized firms struggling to control costs or even ceasing to trade altogether. However, at the same time, equipment that is in constant use gets relentlessly older, until there is no choice but to replace it.

Next time, why not opt to buy a second hand forklift rather than a brand new and expensive one – prices for new forklifts are rising faster than ever.

Whether on an industrial or commercial site, a forklift is an essential piece of equipment, letting you deal with your work quickly and efficiently, but hiring can work out expensive, while second hand forklifts will still provide you with the essential machinery that your business needs without the price tag of a brand new forklift.

There are numerous advantages of buying a second hand forklift from a reliable supplier you have had previous experience with. With ex-rental machines, especially if you have been hiring from a certain supplier already, you can be sure that they carry out a comprehensive check by qualified engineers of all of second hand forklifts. They have a reputation to keep when providing quality goods for customers and will check the condition and reliability of all the machinery that they sell, and usually will be able to supply a full service history and a 12 months L.O.L.E.R. certification – the Thorough Examination Certificate required by law for forklifts.

Most companies that deal in secondhand forklifts have a wide range of used forklift trucks available, which can be supplied fully refurbished, serviced and warrantied, or they may be able to source your exact requirements for you. To buy a forklift new is still very expensive, which is why many firms are now opting for the cost effective alternative of secondhand.

Customers for secondhand forklifts range from small businesses acquiring their first forklift, up to some of the country’s largest plc companies, all of whom are now realising that in the current climate it makes sense as a cost effective alternative to buying a new forklift.

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