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Drive-through storage

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Drive-through storage

Carton live storage works according to the “fifo”method for small parts or packages of any size. Roller conveyors ensure that the stored goods move forward automatically to the retrieval point. This strict adherence to sequence ensures that nothing gets out of date in carton live storage. This very compact form of storage ensures extremely short order picking routes. Clear zoning also helps to avoid errors.

  • Best use of space for fifo methods
  • Optimum use of space through dynamic block storage
  • Separation of loading and removal
  • Internal transport distances are shortened
  • Durability data, batches and production series are optimally monitored


Carton live storage is suitable for the storage of large quantities of the same item. Operating according to the fifo method, it ensures that no products become out of date.


Stacking is exclusively lengthways by fork lift trucks or by using support arm stackers. The tilt of the roller conveyors then enables the pallets to move independently from the entry point to the removal point. Funnels ensure that pallets are centred on the roller conveyor. While the pallets are moving, brake rollers control the speed and keep it constant. In combination with the automatic separating device, they ensure that the first pallet is separated from the remaining goods and that it is halted at the angled stop. The separating device is only released once the first pallet is completely removed from the channel.

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