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The benefits of a forklift engine rebuild

All machines experience natural wear and tear as they age, and forklifts are no different. Eventually, any forklift will reach a point where repairs are no longer financially viable, and it needs to be replaced. If you’ve reached this point, you’re likely faced with the unsettling prospect of shelling out a substantial amount for a new forklift, but you might want to consider an alternative.

Instead of replacing your forklift with a new machine, you can re-build your existing forklift for a fraction of the cost.

forklift engine rebuild

What is a re-built forklift?

A forklift is composed of multiple different components. As the parts in your forklift begin to degrade they will be replaced to keep your machine running. A re-build goes one step further and systematically replaces any and all component necessary to get your machine running like new.

Your forklift will be disassembled, not only removing and replacing the parts but where applicable taking the parts themselves to pieces so that any worn components can be replaced. Everything is then cleaned thoroughly and reassembled.


The financial benefits of a forklift re-build

You can replace an old machine with a brand new one, or a used version, but either option is going to set you back a substantial amount. There are several benefits to re-building a forklift over replacing it, however, the largest of these is the financial boon it will provide to your business.

As an example, if you’re thinking of purchasing a newer forklift machine you should be considering spending somewhere in the region of £7K. That budget would allow you to purchase a machine that has been repaired, checked, and serviced. It will come with a three-month warranty, and as a used machine many of the parts it contains will be worn and soon need replacing. While it’s under warranty you don’t need to worry about repairs, but as soon as that warranty expires, your forklift maintenance costs are your responsibility.

Going forward It will need repairing, parts will need replacing, and the amount you spend on your replacement machine will increase over time, this will be linked to your application and the usage you put the machine through.

It is difficult to put a cost here to a rebuilt truck, as it obviously depends on the level of rebuild, but as a comparison, a full rebuild, and we do mean full rebuild will cost in the region of 60% of a new machine, you will get the same quality as a new truck purchase, same cosmetic appearance, quicker turn around period, same warranty, and a very attractive financial saving.

All of this will bring your existing machine back to you looking and running like new. And because every part has been overhauled, the expense of ongoing repairs will be considerably less, giving you a much larger overall saving.


How trustworthy is a re-built forklift?

Re-building a forklift takes a different approach than simply repairing one. Rather than waiting for aspects of your machine to break down and need replacing individually, every aspect of the machine will be assessed. Parts will be replaced before they are worn beyond economical repair, everything will be fully cleaned, and all aspects of the forklift will be restored to tip-top condition.

A used machine, on the other hand, is considerably less reliable because repairs will have been the extent of the work done on it. Anything that isn’t working will have been replaced, but everything else will have been left exactly as it was before, in whatever state of wear it is in, assuming it is safe of course.


How a forklift re-build works

Beyond the financial benefits of re-building a forklift, there are plenty of other bonuses for choosing this path over a replacement. While you may not be willing to invest the amount needed to purchase a brand new forklift, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to benefit from some of the advances that have been used to improve machines in the time since you bought your original forklift.

A used model may be slightly newer than your existing one, but it’s unlikely to be bang up to date in terms of technology.

Re-building a forklift allows engineers to effectively retrofit an old machine using new techniques and technologies (Where possible) . Obsolete parts can be replaced with new ones, more advanced technologies offering the benefits advanced electronics and potential for reduced emissions can give old forklifts a new lease on life.

With so many benefits in terms of financial gains and technological improvement, it’s easy to see why so many people chose to re-build their forklifts, rather than replace them. For more information on how a re-built forklift can benefit your business, get in touch, we’re happy to help…

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