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The benefits of buying a refurbished forklift truck

When the time comes to add a forklift truck to your company’s stock, or to expand your business fleet of forklifts, it becomes quite clear that there’s an impressive range of high quality makes and models to choose from. However, one of the major factors that can influence your choice of purchase when it comes to buying a forklift truck is whether to invest in a brand new one or to pick up a refurbished or rebuilt forklift. Both come with their own advantages and disadvantages, and these must be considered before you can start to decide on your final purchase. While some business owners want to buy new almost on instinct, there are in fact many benefits to buying second hand from a trusted supplier like Solution MHE.

What are the advantages of a refurbished forklift truck?

One of the biggest advantages that a used forklift has over a new one is value for money. As everybody knows, new vehicles lose up to half their value as soon as they are purchased, no matter how carefully you look after them when in use. Buying a secondhand forklift gives you an upfront saving of up to 50 per cent, which is no small amount, especially for companies with a strict budget, or a large number of vehicles required in a fleet.

This inbuilt saving can be used to great advantage when choosing to buy a refurbished truck. When you buy a second-hand forklift, the money saved can be invested in the purchase of a vehicle of a higher specification and capacity, which might be beyond your set budget when brand new.

It may also mean you are more able to choose from the best brands available, getting a top of the range vehicle at a much more affordable price.

By increasing the capacity of the individual vehicle you purchase, your business could be able to increase its workload accordingly. Furthermore, this money-saving can enable your business to grow more rapidly by buying more vehicles for a lower price, allowing you to purchase a greater number of trucks and expand your fleet quickly.

On the other hand, you may only need a forklift truck for specific tasks or shorter periods of time, or just to provide back up during busy times. Therefore, the truck won’t be in use during all shifts, and wear and tear will be relatively lower over time. In these cases, it may make more sense to spend less of your budget on a vehicle by investing in a secondhand truck.

With so many high quality used trucks available on the market, ready to be reviewed and considered right now, you can cut down on waiting times and therefore unproductive downtime by purchasing a refurbished forklift instead of a brand new one. This volume of available used trucks also means there is a wide choice of used forklifts on the market, so it can be fairly easy to find the one that exactly meets your particular business needs.

When you buy a refurbished truck, you know that it has been rigorously tested through everyday use in the same kind of workplace carrying out similar tasks that you will be using it for later. By law, some record must be kept of all thorough examinations and inspections that are applied to lifting equipment. Therefore, secondhand trucks should come with a fully documented user history, which demonstrates that the truck is durable and fit for the purposes for which it is required. Those records will show if it has been carefully maintained, and how often it has been repaired, so you have all the information about the truck that you need to make an informed purchase.

Refurbishment may come with its own advantages, as it often means some parts may be newer than the overall vehicle, having been replaced more recently. This can mean those parts won’t need to be replaced again for some time.

By choosing a refurbished truck, you can make sure you find the right one which matches the expertise of the forklift operators in your team. Newer models may have features that go beyond the existing knowledge and skills of your employees. This can lead to your forklift operators requiring additional training to use a new forklift before they can get in the cab and get on with their work. This will end up delaying the return on your investment, reducing productivity and ultimately eating up more of your budget.

What should you expect from a refurbished forklift truck?

Safety should be the highest priority for any modern business. Therefore, all forklifts trucks supplied by Solution MHE are subject to rigorous, multi-point testing to ensure they meet the highest safety standards, and this is true for refurbished trucks as well as new. They must meet the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), which are key requirements in ensuring all safety risks related to lifting equipment, including their accessories, are minimised. Acknowledging that many of the common working environments that forklift trucks are used in, such as wet or abrasive conditions, can cause deterioration, these certified checks are carried out by fully trained, competent people, and any issues that are identified are swiftly followed up and rectified by a team of experts. All repairs and resprays are fully complete before reselling, so you will receive a truck that both looks and performs like new.

To ensure this investment you’re making into a refurbished forklift is long-lasting as well as good value, Solution MHE provides a comprehensive service package. This package will extend the life of your vehicle as much as possible and includes carrying out regular inspections, doing planned maintenance, making emergency repairs and the provision of spare parts.

How to choose the right refurbished forklift for your business needs

When it comes to buying a forklift truck, it is vital to choose the one that best performs the kind of work you need it for most, as well as secondary tasks. Different tasks and applications will usually require different types of lifting equipment, and there are so many refurbished trucks on the market, it can become slightly confusing when you really start to look. Therefore, it is important to consider exactly what your business needs are first, so you can go into the secondhand marketplace with a clear vision of the kind of truck you will eventually purchase.

Forklifts vary widely in terms of size and capacity, as well as fuel source or power, and the type of lifting they are most suited to be doing. Wider trucks generally have more stability and can carry heavier and larger loads, while narrow trucks are more suitable for the smaller working areas commonly found between store aisles or in modern warehouses. Regular front forks are deft at collecting items such as loaded pallets from the floor, while trucks with telescopic reach are perfect for picking items from high shelves. Accessories such as scoops, forks and counterbalance weights can also be important features to work into your overall forklift budget, enabling you to customise a forklift to exactly fit your needs. You can also choose to upgrade your secondhand purchase with different attachments, new batteries or parts or new tyres.

The fuel that your ideal forklift uses depends greatly on the environment it will be working in, as diesel trucks are not permitted for indoor or warehouse work, while gas and electric powered trucks are. Electric trucks are increasing in popularity due to their cleaner power source and ability to be recharged, which often cuts down on overall fuel costs. Therefore, while they were once harder to come by secondhand as a relatively new addition to the industry, now more and more modern electric-powered trucks are coming onto the market every day. However, with electric forklifts, you must factor in the downtime required to charge the batteries, which can take hours, versus the short time it takes to refill a fuel tank or swap an empty gas cylinder for a full one. This is one circumstance where purchasing two secondhand electric trucks could be a more economical investment than simply buying one new one at full price, as this would allow you to charge one set of batteries on a truck while the other one is in use.

Whatever your business requirements and preferences, investing in a refurbished truck from forklift specialists like Solution MHE is a wise choice. While buying such a valuable piece of equipment secondhand may seem like a risk, by choosing from the wide range offered by an established forklift supplier, you can be certain that you are getting a high quality, fully tested vehicle that will serve your business needs for many years to come.

For more information, talk with our consultants at Solutions MHE and we can guide you through the whole buying process. We have the expertise, in-depth knowledge plus decades of experience needed to successfully refurbish forklift equipment to the highest standard, so you can be sure you’re getting the right truck at the best price possible. Give us a call us today on 0117 938 2012 and let’s set those wheels in motion.

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