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Guide to our different forklift servicing packages

Your fleet of forklift trucks are probably the lifeblood of your operations. Without them, moving products and materials across your facilities might be incredibly challenging, not to mention time consuming and expensive. When one of your machines needs servicing, it isn’t just about the vehicle’s performance, it’s about keeping your business going strong and operating at peak efficiency.

The team at Solution MHE are experts at maintaining forklifts so they can continue to help clients work effectively. We offer numerous maintenance and servicing products to support you and your machine(s) as well as looking after the larger user with forklift fleets no matter what size the client operates. So, if you’re in need of a forklift service, then contacting us first is the right thing to do.

 Due to the numerous options available when it comes to forklift servicing there is sometimes confusion about which package is right for you, we can organise a FOC Site survey, and advise what package we feel best suits your application and budget.



Forklift servicing

The most basic and typical forklift servicing product is general forklift servicing.

During the forklift servicing, one of our highly trained and qualified engineers will attend your site. On your premises, they will inspect your truck all over from front to rear, and top to bottom. The vehicle’s equipment will be compared to a set syllabus. This means that you are in complete control of the maintenance checks and budget, Once the servicing has been completed, the engineer will make safety recommendations a safe, and reliable condition. We aim to ensure downtime for the vehicle is limited. This helps to prevent too much disruption to your operations and minimise the lost revenue usually generated by your equipment and team.

When you operate a fleet of forklifts, you know the value of keeping that fleet in tip-top condition. One of the best ways to do this is to complete regular maintenance on your fleet to spot the early signs of wear-and-tear, so any issues are fixed before they become a problem.

Generally speaking, these maintenance inspections should take place on a regular basis, regularity will be established by your usage, When you run a very busy business, it can be difficult to remember exactly when you need to book in your forklift service. That’s why we offer a service where we store the details of your forklifts, and when they were last serviced, and then remind you of their anniversary. keep your forklift working and productive for your business.

After the maintenance visit, we will provide you with a report that will make the recommendations for any ongoing repairs that needs to take place.

For anyone who is running a fleet of forklifts we can offer regular meetings where we can produce and discuss KPI Points identified from our system the points raised will help us to maintain your machines better, whilst hopefully reducing costs, and increasing uptime.

This is the perfect partnership between you and us. You’re in control of your business and the Solution MHE budget, while we’re in control of the maintenance. A great team that will help your business stay profitable.



Both the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Consolidated Fork Truck Services (cfts), the two bodies who regulate the forklift inspection process, found that the LOLER & Power inspections weren’t good enough. There were concerns that the inspections weren’t intensive enough to ensure that the trucks were safe for use. Therefore, the two bodies introduced a new ‘thorough examination’ that is a lot more in-depth.

We perform this inspection on your trucks. However, there is always some flexibility about the actual criteria. During the inspection, we help you get your fleet to pass any HSE issues that might come up. This helps you to continue running your business, in the knowledge that your business can continue to operate safe equipment.

The time-frame for the periodic inspection is generally every 12 months unless you’re operating trucks with attachments fitted, which require inspections every six months.



our promise to you

The forklifts in your fleet are a vital part of your business. You want them to be in the best condition to ensure that you continue to operate at peak efficiency. That is why we make several guarantees to ensure that you get the best service and support mechanism required for your business..

Any maintenance work completed by our team of highly trained and qualified engineers is covered by our 90 day guarantee. We also offer our customers a maximum response time of 3 hours to any breakdown in your fleet as long as it is reported before 2pm.

We don’t charge a call out fee or add mileage costs to our costs, In addition, we can help to keep your fleet operating as much as possible. Our engineering work is carried out on your premises so that the vehicle doesn’t have to be moved. The mobile engineers carry fast moving consumables, in the event there is a fault found on one of your machines, our aim is to achieve a first fix. This might be a temporary repair, but it will help keep your equipment operational.

If one of your fleet does break down, then we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help identify the problem and fix it to get your truck back to being fully operational as quickly as possible.






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