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Should I buy a new or used forklift?

There are many different aspects to consider when deciding if you should buy a used or new forklift. Both options have many advantages, so it just depends upon what is the best choice for you and your business. Cost-effectiveness and efficiency obviously play a vital role in the decision-making process. To help you make this difficult decision, take a look at some of the pros for both options below:

Advantages of buying a used forklift

It can save you money

A used forklift can save you money as it tends to keep its value for several years after purchase if it has been well maintained. This means that if you plan to sell on your used forklift in the next few years, then you will probably get a good return for your money. You’ll also save money because the used forklift is usually much cheaper to buy upfront than brand new, so is a good option if you’re on a tight budget, but need a reliable machine.

Quick delivery with no loss of earnings

Not having access to a forklift for any given length of time can be damaging to any businesses. When you choose to buy a used forklift, this can often mean a guaranteed quick delivery of a forklift that is ready to use straight away. This ensures that you can keep on working with no loss of profits.

You can buy more than one forklift

If you run a busy construction company and need to use a range of different types of forklifts, then buying used is probably your best option. This will allow you far greater scope and will make that budget stretch that bit further when buying multiple forklifts.

Wide choice of used models

If you want to widen your scope of available models with a range of different sizes and accessories, then you’ll have greater choice when opting for used models. This gives you a lot of options when having to choose a model to meet your specific business needs.

Reliable and durable

As we stated earlier, a reliable forklift is a huge priority. Buying a used forklift with a full user history can provide you with an incredibly reliable machine. Older forklifts that have been cared for, and which have had their parts repaired and serviced usually means that you’ll have an incredibly durable forklift.

Advantages of buying a new forklift

There are so many advantages to buying a new forklift. Newer forklifts can cope effortlessly with long working hours while being incredibly economical. Most new forklifts come with a warranty of between 12 and 3 years, so you have that added security. Below we look in more detail at the many advantages of buying a new model.

Save money in the long run

Although the initial cost will be more than buying new, you will see savings in the long term. This is because you’ll have a reliable working forklift with brand new parts. You won’t have to pay for serving or new parts and you’ll have a long warranty that will usually cover the costs if anything does go wrong. Buying new obviously depends upon your finances and available funds.

Inspected equipment

To run a reliable and productive business, you need to have a reliable forklift. New forklifts will have been thoroughly inspected before going on the market, so you know that you’ll be buying a reliable and high quality forklift. A new forklift will come ready to work with no nasty surprises.

The latest models

Choosing new obviously gives you access to the very latest models with the latest technology. If you require an advanced forklift that is highly adaptable and utilises the latest tech, then buying new is a good option. Newer models will always feature the safest working practices.

New parts and reliability

All parts will be new, with the forklift having clocked up no mileage. Tyres, brakes, suspension and the actual lifting mechanism will all be in pristine working condition. You will get exactly what you want with no hidden surprises. If parts are needed in the future, then as it is a new model, parts will be readily available and easily installed.

Many years of productive work

When you buy a forklift you want it to last for many years, and a new forklift will generally guarantee that this happens. If you run a busy building or construction business and rely heavily on a fleet of forklifts, then you want them to last and to work at full capacity. Buying new will give you this peace of mind.

Here at Solution MHE we have a wide range of both used and new forklifts for you to buy. To find out more information please browse the website and get in touch with us today.

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