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Spare Parts for Forklift trucks


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Spare Parts for Forklift trucks

Looking for forklift spares and repairs? Solution MHE is the company to call when you need to buy spare parts for forklifts. From fast delivery and affordable rates to a comprehensive fitting and repair service, there are so many reasons why you should order your forklift spares from us.


At SolutionMHE we pride ourselves on being able to supply almost any part for any truck. The diversity of manufacturers and suppliers whom we call upon for the supply of spare parts is unrivalled in our industry.

We supply spare parts for forklift trucks of almost any make and model. This includes supplying genuine parts wherever possible, and these are fitted with the manufacturer’s warranty along with our own guarantee. In the event that the right part is out of stock or no longer available, we do all we can to find a close match from another top brand – or fabricate the component ourselves in our state-of-the-art workshop.

We stock new and used trucks, and all manner of spares, from many top brands, including Caterpillar, Hyster, Toyota, Linde, Daewoo and Mitsubishi. Spares are sold on a supply-only basis, or supplied and fitted under the care of our forklift engineers.


At our Bristol facility we are able to repair printed circuit boards and many other electronic components, which would otherwise prove extremely costly to replace with new. We also design, engineer, manufacture and fabricate a wide range of components.

We have a team of mobile engineers and workshop engineers who can fit spares at your site or at our own premises. These skilled professionals have a deep working knowledge of forklift care and maintenance, and they know how to get your equipment back to its best. We can take great care of your machines, providing comprehensive maintenance and servicing packages alongside general repairs and breakdown cover.


In addition to stocking all the mechanical components you need to get your forklift truck running again, we also supply the parts you need to replace regularly: such as chains, batteries and tyres. If our inspection identifies issues with any of these parts, we will recommend a change and provide you with the spares. We can even fit the tyres or chain for you! It is good practice to inspect these parts on a regular basis, and make the replacement if you see any signs of wear or damage. Battery inspections are also a good idea, as these can identify whether battery performance has fallen over time, and help restore your truck’s performance and productivity.

Tyre replacement, battery checks and chain inspections can all be completed on site for your convenience. Don’t let a forklift fall out of action: keep it working at its best with a prompt repair or parts replacement by the engineers at Solution MHE.


We constantly audit our suppliers to ensure we are getting the best priced, highest quality product, with the quickest delivery period. These benefits are then passed on to our customers, to provide true value for money.

Please contact us for any requirement you may have, however large, small, or spurious. If we don’t have it – we’ll find it!

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